August 8, 2013
by Harbour
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Spend Time With Nature At Cabo San Lucas Marina!

The marinas always bring in happiness and if you are visiting the Cabo San Lucas Marina, then you have a lot of fun coming your way. The scenic beauty that comes along with the Cabo San Lucas Marina is really worth, for all the pressure and stress of life. Simply, head down to a marina to relax, rejuvenate, and return back refreshed. The Cabo San Lucas Marina is extremely popular for the beaches and the amazing water sport activities that it has to offer.

When visiting Cabo marinas, you are assured unlimited fun and several unique and memorable experiences of life. If you are passionate about nature and want to explore a real marine life then Cabo San Lucas Marina is the place you need to be in. Moreover, if you intend on planning a trip to the Cabo San Lucas Marina then you should indeed prefer the walking tours instead of the other kind of tours.

The Marina Boulevard is considered to be the most important downtown road and parking a vehicle on this road is just not possible. Hence, you ought to walk it up instead. Your vehicle can always be parked in the marina as there is ample of parking space available there.

You need to walk it up towards the direction of the town square and then at Avenue you need to begin your journey. As you walk through the Cabo San Lucas Marina you will get to see and experience several places of historical significance. You will pass through the famous historic Mission Church that is located in the heart of Zapata and Calle Madero streets. The Mission Church is one of the most significant landmarks in the city as it is the oldest of its kind in Cabo San Lucas Marina.

As you proceed you will get to see the famous handicraft market of the Cabo San Lucas Marina. You will not only find the local items but also the international handicraft work out there. Even if you do not intend of purchasing anything from this market, you need to pay it a visit to see the art work from around the world, and it would surely be a treat for your eyes.

Also, take a walk down to the Medona beach. There are many restaurants and hotels on the beach ready to welcome you to relax and rejuvenate. When in Cabo, do have a meal on the beach to complete your experience. Once you are done with your meal you need to proceed for fishing. There are many Cabo San Lucas fishing charters that will help you to plan your fishing expedition accordingly.

The marine life at Cabo San Lucas Marina is not to be missed. There are several water activities like fishing, sun bathing, scuba diving, surfing etc. that can be enjoyed apart from the sportfishing Cabo San Lucas.  An ATV ride or a horse ride on the beach would only boost your spirits while at Cabo San Lucas Marina.

All the above activities are just waiting for you to come and participate in them at the marina Cabo San Lucas. So, when you have to plan your next holiday getaway, you know where to simply pack and head!